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Our web design service falls into two broad categories.

Affordable Website Design, which are more affordable and come with 5 standard pages and content included. Starting at $899

Custom Web Design, which gets you all the bells and whistles.  It is a custom quote for those that have a very specific idea in mind. Starts at $1999

Custom Web Designs
Affordable Web Designs
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We build your new website to convert your visitors into customers.  It will be both fast and mobile friendly.  We provide our expert advice as a top rated web design & development agency. This advice includes our expertise on user experience, UX, because we know what will work. Pricing begins at 1999.99

Custom Website Design Services Include:

  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization
  • Mobile friendly design across all platforms
  • Revisions until we get it right
  • Free https/SSL Certificate
  • One year of free hosting and maintenance
why a custom website and not a web builder?

Why a Custom Web Design?

The web design space is full of builders that you can use to create a web design these days. Truth be told many of these are excellent solutions for some individuals. However, there is far more to building a website than simply putting them together. One needs to understand the principles of design, the reason for content and images on each level of the site, and issues related to on page SEO and the like.

Get it your way

When you go the custom route there are several advantages in way of flexibility.  You can get the site just as you envision it and you won’t be constrained by a preexisting template. Further, your website won’t be seen across the internet. You will receive a unique design with a back end content management system that allows for even more flexibility.

Clean Website Code

Generally speaking a custom web design is faster than a template design. The reason for this is the optimization of the html code that can be done during a customized design. There are less plugins used, which tend to slow down a site. Further, when a template is built it is often built to be used to integrate with a builder such as Wix, Squarespace, or a similar option. Custom Designs are just that custom.

Personal Touch

You will receive a higher level of one on one interaction with our team when you go the custom web design route.  By necessity to some extent you will get more interactions with your design team as there is more involved in the Web Design process.  Our web designers are great at listening and manifesting what they understand you need and balancing that with expertise needed to build a custom site that will convert.

The Custom Web Design Process

1. Listen.

It’s important that you are heard and understood. Hearing doesn’t mean we simply listen and move on with what we want to do it means we understand you.

2. Plan.

During the planning phase we show you that you were heard by providing you with early stage image and sketches sometimes called wire-frame designs of our plan for your custom website design.

3. Design.

This is the part where we actually build your custom site and create milestones for the process along with a timeline so that you can stay in the loop and watch the development work.

4. Deliver.

In this phase we deliver the goods and provide the custom web design you requested. If things are not the way you want them we rework it.  Once all is good we run baseline testing and apply analytics and other helpful connections such as contact form setup etc.

Case Studies in Custom Web Design

New Cafe on Main

A new restaurant is planning to open on Main Street in Chattanooga Tn and has requested a custom web design.  The company is planning a big splash on social media and their desire is for the website to be “different” and “eye-catching” with “food porn” images for prospective clients.  Further, the owners want the site to integrate with Google My Business and its review system. A custom design is just what the web doctor ordered.  We built a flashy but highly usable web design for them that converts and is deeply connected to social media so that the landing pages from Facebook and other Social outlets appear seamless in there delivery. The Cafe on Main ended up being packed the first 2 months of it’s opening and over 40% of visitors used the landing page codes we provided.

Redesign for a Real Estate Agent

A prominent Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate agent that works with high end clients requested a complete redesign. She was previously sporting a cookie cutter WordPress template site to “take it up a notch” as she put it.  She wanted to convey a since of simplicity and luxury with the site and provided very specific cloth and colors as well as images she had collected. Our web designers were excited to work with someone so invested in the process, rarely do clients bring us silk cloth, soothing colors, and scented items.  The team worked alongside the Real Estate agent to find a design that “spoke” to her and made her feel just as elegant and luxurious as the spaces she was selling. She told us she receives complements regularly on her website design from prospects. Further, her web contacts have increased by almost 75% since redesign due to the flow and funnel we helped design on the site.

We could not have been more pleased with the website re-design and search engine optimization we have received. Our web traffic report has been great!

It is our opinion that a custom website design is the best option. However,  in some cases our affordable website option is a great choice. We have use a template for these designs and the come standard with 5 pages, a contact form, and basic content provided. Starting at $899.99 plus agreement to purchase $50/mon. hosting for 1 year.

Affordable Website Design Services Include

  • Base template designs to choose from
  • Maintenance for 1 year Free
  • Basic Content Provided
  • Monthly Payments or One Time Payment
  • Tutorial Videos to Update your Site

Why choose an Affordable Web Design?

The beauty of our Affordable Web Designs is that you get some of the best and most important features of a custom design with a lot less cost. The affordable option is really our budget friendly choice and it is great for startups or businesses that realize a website is non-negotiable these days.

Web Presence is Non-Negotiable

You simply must have a web presence in our current times. Sadly that web presence can’t be Facebook alone.  70% of individuals visit a business website before buying from them.  What’s more 94% of negative website feedback is design related and as noted elsewhere website visitors form an impression of your website in mere milliseconds.  

I’ve had potential clients tell me they think they will just use Facebook as there website because they get a lot of traffic there and it shows up on google already.  There may be some truth to this, but there are problems with it. First, you don’t own your site then. This is huge what if Facebook one day goes the direction of Myspace.  It probably will not happen, but having an asset that is truly yours gives peace of mind.  

Secondly, your business comes up in a search based on its name brand not based on the keyword associated with what you sell.  A well-constructed and SEO friendly website, even an affordable web design, will be optimized for keywords in search.

Return on Investment

Owning your own site and being able to add to it and optimize it for specific and valuable keywords that are related to your business beyond your brand name is huge bonus. It adds to the companies return on investment by creating the opportunity for value.  

At Green Thoughts Consulting we have a proven track record of increasing the ROI for the companies that design with us.  We know how to build a site that converts and is optimized for search engines.  We don’t just stick content on a site; rather we craft copy and utilize informed keywords to build a story that funnels people to a destination on your site.  Namely, these funnels are goal pages such as a contact, download, or buy now page.  

Having a plan and executing it online or offline adds value to your business and increases your return, which grows your business more efficiently.  Further, an affordable web design is by nature good for the return on your investment, especially if the aforementioned is true.

Affordable vs. Cheap

Some people have told us that our price tag of that starts at $899 for our Affordable Web Designs is too high.  We simply retort that affordable and cheap are too different things.  

We build beautiful, fast, conversion optimized websites that convert traffic into visitors and therefore are an asset to your business.  We don’t build cheap websites that break like overpriced toys. There are plenty of good vendors and there are plenty of bad web site vendors out there. Cheap is associated with the bad end of things and we don’t do cheap.

What’s the difference in affordable and cheap?

Think about it for a minute.

Do you really want a cheap website? 

Wouldn’t you rather have one that didn’t break the bank.  An affordable web design that allowed you to present yourself to the public in a way that wins them over and exudes confidence in your brand.

Affordable Web Design Process

Affordable Web Design Template Choice

Choose your template

We provide you with a large number of templates and variations to choose from in the initial design process. It’s all about form and less about color and pictures at this point. We are looking to find the frame of your site. You can help by adding information about other layouts and websites you like.

We setup your Affordable web Design

We setup your site

You provide us with a logo, or alternatively we can provide you with a logo for an additional fee, you choose from stock photos we provide and/or provide photos of you, your business and your staff. Stock photos work, but it’s always better to have a real connection with people. We will then customize the layout to the specifics you requested.

Affordable Web Design Certificate of Completion

Certificate of completion

Here we walk through the affordable web design with you looking over each aspect of the template design and making sure you are happy with what you have received. If not we will fix the item you noted to your liking. Once the website is agreed to be complete we give you your login and links to tutorial videos that can help you with your Content management system.

On going support for your affordable Web design

On going support

Don’t worry we are here to help. For the first year you receive free maintenance alongside your mandatory hosting agreement. This is a 900 dollar value and relieves a lot of stress for some website owners. On top of the maintenance you receive 30 minutes of free support each month for the first year.

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