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Do you have a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes we do.  For both the Affordable and Custom Web Design packages we allow clients to get a 100% money back guarantee prior to sign off of the website design.  

Sign off occurs when you agree the website is as you like. We reserve the right to prorate the money back return guarantee in the event you request multiple involved revisions (3+ that are extensive in nature- layout change, template change, etc).  In those cases we will keep a portion equal to but not necessarily 50% of your payment.

This seldom if ever happens as our clients tend to be very happy with our Website Designs.  However, it is in place so that our time and effort are not unreasonably used up.

Web Design Pricing

Affordable Web Design

5 page Website that's affordable
$ 899

One time payment; $300 down
Requires a 1 yr agreement for Hosting $50/mon
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Custom Web Design Pricing

Pay and be done
$ 1999

One time Payment; $500 down
Free Hosting and Maintenance 1 yr
Web Development FAQ and Pricing

Our website design FAQ is provided to answer the most frequently asked questions, thus it will not allow for the answer to all of your questions.  Likewise, the pricing table above is merely a starting point and an idea of where things start in regard to custom web development at Green Thoughts.  However, we encourage you to message us so we can discuss the specific custom website design questions that may be unanswered.  We return messages and calls in 24 hours.

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